A Rough Outline of a Tech Gap

2 Dec

Bridging the gap between generations in the world of technology.
We are looking in-depth into the way different generations view and use technology today. By getting in touch with people who are living in assisted living homes, using senior centers and our own personal experiences we will look at how people are using technology in their own lives, or how they aren’t.
In the course of our information gathering we plan on using video camera equipment, still photography, voice recorders plus computer software to design graphics, video production and website development.
Sources for our project consist of professionals, seniors, family, friends and students.
Sources with the Corvallis Senior Center and Stoneybrook Assisted Living Home are administrator’s Lorene Hales and Theresa. We have contacted family members who all have been impacted by technology in some way and plan to incorporate a little about our own family stories. We have made connections with professors on campus who work in psychology and new media communications such as Bill Loges. Students and community members will be interviewed for additional resources. A connection with a man who volunteers his time at the Corvallis senior center has proved useful and a plan to interview him is necessary. We are awaiting reply from the administrators of both senior homes on who would be willing to speak with us on camera and possible take a lesson on how to use a computer in a resourceful way, e.g. skype. In the process of trying to seek permission to speak with seniors at the Stoneybrook Assisted Living Home we were denied and after three emails and four phone calls still no one got back to us about our project.

Schedule for completion:

Nov.2 – Nov. 13 – Gain contacts and get in touch with sources. Feel out who we want to interview and connect with. Outlining how we want to tackle our projects idea. Visit senior centers, assisted living homes, and retirement complexes. Design our graphic logo to establish branding.
Nov.16 – Nov. 21 – Interviews will be conducted with administrators, business employees, family members and volunteers. Gathered video footage and digital recording of interviews conducted along with still footage. Interviews with Loges and OSU students will be conducted at the end of the week. Present a rough draft, e.g. of what we have.
Nov. 23 – Nov. 28 – Filming of the assisted living facilities and seniors living there. We will be sitting down and having a discussion with seniors living in these homes and their thoughts on technology. Start putting more video footage as well as put together the first pieces of our written work. Begin designing our online presentation format.
Nov. 30 – Dec. 4 – Pull the final pieces together. Outline our video production. Finish up our website and blog posts. Put together our final writing.

We are really wanting to get a feel for how people feel and relate to technology through our interviews and discussions.


2 Responses to “A Rough Outline of a Tech Gap”

  1. website video production January 24, 2010 at 7:52 pm #

    I have had this happen. good advice, wish I had read this a month ago.


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