Social Media Ruined The Bachelor

2 Mar

As my roommates and I sat down to watch the final episode of ABC’s The Bachelor (Pacific Time Zone) I already knew who was going to win his heart at the end of night, not because I could read minds but because Twitter and Facebook feeds told me so. Thus setting my roommates and I into a “just look it up on Google” fest for the remainder of the evening. This is just a small example of how fast information travels today with technology, social media and the way we use it. When the show was over and the ‘surprise’ ending confirmed, we talked about watching the “After Show” to see who was going to be the next Bachelorette, but we figured it was easiest to just Google it. I logged on to Twitter and as soon as I did a tweet ran through my feed saying Ali is the newest Bachelorette. Interestedly enough I also came across a post about how one man found out through Twitter that Canada beat the U.S.A. in the Olympic hockey game before the New York Times had served to inform him. Todd Bishop said Twitter beat the NYTimes by only a few minutes.

“Does a minute or three really matter? Not really. It just caught my attention because it was a perfect test of speed for the modern news media, in all their forms,” Bishop.

I just find it fascinating how quickly news and information travels today, and my experience with tonight’s Bachelor spoiler I am not sure if it’s always such a great thing! Maybe next time I just need to close myself off from all communication devices. This isn’t the only time I have been informed about breaking news or information via Twitter first, e.g. Haiti. Have you found out about a breaking news event through Twitter before you were informed by the news media? Or is social media how you now look for news instead of going to your media outlet? If so share your stories with me. I would love to hear about other experiences with new media and its ability to break track records.


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