Simply Amazing.

16 Jul

I came across this post and had to share it.

The post is from Innovative Interactivity.

Richard Koci Hernandez

Richard Koci Hernandez

I think it’s fairly safe to say that nearly everyone in the multimedia journalism sector has benefited in one way or another

from the talented and extremely creative mind of Richard Koci Hernandez, known simply as “Koci” to many.

Whether you closely follow his blog, Multimedia Shooter, or you gain inspiration via his multimedia video experiments, or you have worked directly or indirectly with him in his many roles throughout the years, you will know that he is both a life-long learner and educator of innovative multimedia storytelling.

Regardless if he doesn’t believe in “innovation” (see below), it cannot be argued that he pushes the barrier of traditional storytelling. When I approached him for this interview, he emailed back saying that he wrote his answers on Polaroid images he made on his iPhone. Talk about thinking outside of the box! We are honored to feature Richard as this week’s “Innovative Individual” and we hope you enjoy this non-traditional Q&A.

For a brief background in case you haven’t come across his work before, Richard “spearheaded the creation of”, a rich presentation gallery of multimedia work coming out of San Jose Mercury News. Before leaving the paper in 2008, he garnered the role of Deputy Director of Multimedia, Photo, and Video and oversaw all multimedia production for two years. Currently a Ford Foundation Multimedia Fellow at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, he works “to produce digital news sites for San Francisco Bay Area communities.”

To keep track of Richard online, follow him on Twitter, peruse his bookmarks on, watch his video experiments on Vimeo, subscribe to his blog Multimedia Shooter, read his book “Multimedia Journal,” and browse his photos on Flickr.

Q) How do you drive innovation in your work?

Richard Koci Hernandez

Q) What piece in your portfolio are you most proud of and why?

Richard Koci Hernandez

Q) Please provide a brief educational and professional history.

Richard Koci Hernandez

Q) Where do you believe multimedia fits into today’s society and how will that role change over time?

Richard Koci Hernandez

Q) Whose work do you admire?

Q) Where do you find inspiration for your ideas?

Richard Koci Hernandez

Q) What specific resources do you recommend for A) beginners, B) novices and C) experts to improve their skills in multimedia development?

Richard Koci Hernandez

Q) What is one thing on your “To-Do” list?

Richard Koci Hernandez

Want to nominate a deserving colleague, friend or inspirational figure to be highlighted in this series? Confidential nominations can be emailed to on an ongoing basis. Self nominations are also welcome. A person will be featured every Friday, so look for the next “innovative individual” Friday, June 4th!


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