Exciting News For Journalism Lovers (and Graduates).

15 Oct

There has been talk between four leading public radio stations lately. The big plans: forming an “alliance for public media.”

The biggest, and most exciting part of this notion would be the expansion of regional “public media” news operations to 100 reporters and editors per market in four to six markets. Not only will it be putting many journalists to work or back to work, it’s suppose to happen soon. Another exciting aspect of this big plan is the idea of growing “public radio” into “public media.” This means news operations would be digital first. There will be the audio from radio, but also heavy text and video. In my mind when I hear how the news organizations will look like I automatically think of NPR. I feel they do a wonderful job of integrating and weaving these elements into their organization. Newsonomics used TBD in Washington D.C. as an example of the kind of multi-platform news operation that we hope to see with this plan.

WNYC in New York, WBEZ in Chicago, KPCC in Los Angeles and Minnesota Public Radio, in the Twin Cities are the four stations involved in planning the alliance.

The aim is to add more than 300 reporters and editors in four markets if the plan falls into place. Bill Kling, current president and CEO of the American Public Media Group (APMG), says the positions created “would be a very good job for people who love journalism,” in the six figures with full benefits. Kling hopes that the funding can be locked down by next June before he retires from his position as president of APMG. If all goes as planned hiring would start by mid-2011. For those of us still working diligently in journalism schools with the notion that we will have an extremely slim job market to squeeze into when we graduate, this may just brighten your day.

Read more on the details and plans for funding here “Public Media” $100 Million Plan: 100 Journalists Per City.


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