Poynter now your #Go To for #How To.

16 Dec

As the Poynter Institute marks their 35th year of providing journalists with the skills and news to stay ahead they are relaunching their website Poynter.org. Poynter is hoping with the launch of the new site to “better reflect the critical connection between media news and journalism training.”

With an introduction to a new feature called “How To’s,” that will help journalists apply the latest tools and techniques with a focus on these four skills:

Also new to the site is a feature called Media News, which will be bringing you the latest headlines and relevant news from the sources you trust. Here is a look into Media News:

And last, but always a staple from The Poynter Institue is Journalism Training. The redesign will make the access to online opportunities and in-person seminars at Poynter’s News University easier, and grant access to hundreds of courses that cover a variety of subjects (e.g. basic writing and reporting skills).

In the words of Poynter, “Visit www.poynter.org today and find out why it’s your #Go To for #How To.”


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