Memorable & Creative Pitches

24 Feb

The other day I stumbled upon a blog post on Ragan’s PR Daily by New York Time tech columnist David Pogue about his favorite PR pitches. Click here to see the full post. I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite remarks of Pogue’s from the article and share both pitches below.

Pogue mentions how it’s clear when PR people believe in what they represent, and it’s clear when they don’t. I strongly feel that if you’re not representing a product, idea, or company that you truly believe in then what is the point of trying to promote it? If you want to be good at what you do in public relations start by representing something you’re passionate about, or at least have faith in. Otherwise how can you get your message across, and do so in a memorable way.

Both of his favorites are clever and address him directly on a personal level. The pitches aren’t flat or boring. Give the person who you’re pitching direct attention and you’ll be sure to gain their attention. His first example is from a company called CodeWeavers who were promoting their new program called CrossOver. They posted Pogue’s face on life size celebrity cutouts, cross dressed, and made a point on telling him how they were big fans of his. You have to see this video:

Not only did they make a video for Pogue but also four other writers. Personalizing each to all the writers.

The next pitch he mentions is by Nikon’s PR guy, Geoff Coalter. Pogue had written a review on the Canon S95 in the form of a love letter and to his surprise he received a response “from” the Nikon D80.

Dear David—

It has been far too long since our last encounter, and today I found out why. Imagine my horror to find your public proclamation of love for that floozy, the Canon S95, for the whole world to see. You called that little camera “something special?” Well, I remember when I was your one special camera, the one you could come to for anything. Photographing a soccer game? Done. Days at the beach? Easy squeezy. Amazing landscape shots on vacation? You betcha.

Is it because I’m so much bigger than the S95? After our years together, I would think you would accept me for what I am: a highly capable, semi-pro SLR that empowered you to take great pictures. Depth of field, fast burst rate, sharp focus, accurate colors—these are all things only a camera like me can give you.

Let’s not forget all the fun times we had with my friend NIKKOR, who was always willing to go to great telephoto focal lengths to please you. And sometimes our friend Speedlight joined the party to brighten the mood. You talk about physics? I’ll talk about chemistry. You, me, and your 18-200mm VR lens are a perfect match.

But I don’t want to be spiteful. I only want what’s best for you, and I think you are a great match for my cousin, the P7000. She is smaller and more powerful than most cameras, and leads the way for a segment of cameras that is quickly gaining in popularity, the high-end compact. She’s got a cute retro style that everyone loves, and full manual analog controls.

From Your First photographic Love,

Your Loyal Nikon D80

It’s a brilliant pitch. The pitch is personalized and one of a kind. The time and thought taken to address Pogue definitely won him the review.

To end Pogue’s post he mentions that not all great pitches are sure to win media coverage – but you better believe that if you make a great pitch and it doesn’t work out one particular time, they will remember, and next time you have a pitch they will be listening. It pays to take the time to be creative sometimes.


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