A Website is Your First Impression

10 Jan

I’m perplexed when I google a business today and find no website, or one you don’t know the slightest clue how to navigate. With the way our society is integrated in digital technology you would think businesses would want an online presence. My opinion is they should have one. Even if it’s a simple site with the business hours and location. Apps and online review sites may be giving your business a presence with out you even being aware of it. I can’t stress how important it is for businesses to have an online appearance, or at least be aware of it — and a great one.

One of my biggest pet peeves is having a poor looking website. As a consumer if I came across your website and I can’t understand what is going on I quickly hit the back button and I’m onto the next. Sadly the site was probably built by someone who charged them a lot of money too.

This morning as I was job hunting I came across a list of top public relation and advertising firms. I scrolled through the list and clicked on every single website browsing for anything that resembled “work here.” I was amazed at how many of those websites were cluttered, messy, hard to read, and overall frustrating to look at. I was especially put off because most of these agencies work at being digitally creative — so why can’t I read your website?  A website is your first impression. Some of the agencies could be phenomenal to work for, but because of their confusing or jumbled websites I quickly turned around and ran (scrolled). In business your first impression can make it or break it more than people like to admit. Wieden + Kennedy is my favorite example of what a clean and aesthetically pleasing website should be. There isn’t any flashy words flying across the screen, the white background allows you to see what you’re looking at clearly, the side bar changes textures and colors, and I can easily navigate the site.

Next time you’re browsing the web pay attention to the little details that make a website good, or bad, and in the future use those observations to make a great first impression.

Three ideas for making a clean easy accessible website:


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