Haunted by resumes

25 Jan

Now that I’m in a image overhaul — new resume, new website, new portfolio, new city — I’m asking for a lot of feedback on changes I’ve made. The big one has been my resume. I’ve sent it off to multiple people to read over and critique. If you want in on the criticizing or applauding of my resume click here, and take a gander yourself. My final product is pretty decent, but I’m always thinking of what I COULD be changing. For example I’m confused on exactly what people want for the “Skill” section. After reading through many resumes lately I realize everyone has different ideas of what the “Skill” section is suppose to be. So who is to say what kind of resume works better?

Two people actually gave me completely conflicting ideas of how to change and fix my resume. I went with my gut and took the advice of the one who wasn’t a professional in career services. The advice I was given from the career center didn’t give me the feedback to help me succeed; rather the advice was aimed at a student with little to no experience who wasn’t going into communications. Which brings me to the infograph resume that went viral and was made by Chris Spurlock.

For what Chris wants to do with his career this resume is absolutely great. It shows creativity and skill for what he wants to ultimately do. Now I’m not sure this resume would work wonders on the next HR department at a PR agency but I won’t ever know, because I don’t plan on making a resume like this one. Personally I don’t think it gives enough detail about what his work experience has been, but as I mentioned before it shows off his skills for what he wants to do — journalistic visualization.

With that I give you the article by the Huffington Post where I discovered Chris’s infographic resume. It gives you five tips you should pay attention to.

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out: 5 Tips From Chris Spurlock


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