Video Productions

In the world of communications today it’s best suited you have all the skills necessary for — well everything. That’s why I know how to piece a video production together. I’ve shot film footage using small handheld HD cameras to a Sony Z1U-HDV Cam with a full set-up of wireless mics and lighting. In the editing process I’ve taught myself how to use Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

Unfortunately most of my own short films were lost in a computer meltdown and are desperately waiting to be found somewhere.

A short video showcasing OSU’s Community Service Center partnering with other OSU members in an event to celebrate and remember Martin Luther King, Jr. This basic video was shot using a handheld Sony HD camera, and edited with iMovie. It was my first shot and edited video.

This is a video production for a class project (Bridging the Gap) that I assisted in making. I shot multiple interviews and helped edit content with Final Cut Pro for our final presentation.

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