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Butt-kissing defender? Or mystery genius | What type of web commenter are you?

22 Oct

While reading this article post by ABC’s Michael Malone, What Type of Web Commenter Are You?, I couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably.  This gave a good vision of how new media is affecting the newsroom today.  Not only are writers blogging but most articles that are published in print end up on the web with, uh oh, comment boxes.  Yes I even have had comments left on my stories, but rarely do I actually go through and check them.  I have already come across a few web commenter types on my blog though.  Take this comment for instance that was left on my third EVER blog post.  I was a bit nervous about blogging at first and well this comment sorta threw me into a whirlwind of second guessing myself and my opinion on the matter.  I had taken a excerpt from a Thomas Friedman book I was reading that I believed to be true and wrote my opinion on the matter.  But someone disagreed.  Maybe a unacknowledged expert and troll?

So Thomas Friedman is using Pascal’s Wager to argue for a “Green Revolution”? I’d like to see more “green energy” and “protect” the environment, but there’s no such thing as free lunch. What are the opportunity cost in doing this? If I spend most of my days training for triathlon, then I would need to give up time for, perhaps, reading about climate change.

Also, check out http://www.skeptic.com/the_magazine/featured_articles/v14n01_climate_of_belief.html

chenb — February 27, 2009 @ 10:42 am

After reading my very first comment on my blog I will admit I was put off a bit on this whole blogging thing.  I took offense to it instead of looking at with humor like Malone.  I did respond in a very positive and open-minded way to the comment but never heard back.

While reading this piece I thought about what type of commenter I was.  Hmm I didn’t really think I fit into any of the categories, but then again I might not be as of aware of my own commenting type.  I figured I was more of a butt-kissing defender with a hope to become that mystery genius.  I really did enjoy how Malone discussed the issue media is facing today with more public interaction and opinion.  It is true that if you have an opinion about a particular news story it wouldn’t be hard to find a way to make that opinion heard online.  This also leads to people, like myself, who find stories and blog posts then write an entire new blog post about that one.  I enjoy what the web and comments offer to media today because it allows for more people involvement and perspectives to been seen, even if they were just a illiterate tough guy.