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Lessons in NO.

22 Nov

I am a volunteer, intern, student, employee, daughter, sister, friend, supporter, writer and more.  I live a life on the go and prefer it that way.

Lately I have been contemplating the simple word no. Every time I mention to an acquaintance what things I am working on in my life they just stare blankly at me, my friends tell me I am crazy and I need to stop the madness, but I won’t. I love what I am doing in my life right now, the progress I am making and how much I am learning. Why on earth would I turn down an excellent opportunity to take on something new. For one it might be my 8 am to 7 pm work schedule I am on (that isn’t including time set aside for homework. I am a bit surprised that I’m passing any classes at all). Another may be the fact I don’t have the energy or time to run anymore, and this is coming from a avid runner and life long athlete. The things that make me sane and give me that break from work unfortunately I am not making time for anymore.

It seems these days the only time I ever catch myself uttering the word “no” is when I speak sternly to my dog. Yes it is true, I am one of those people, the ones who can’t turn away requests, people, or what ever might come bobbing by. Is it worth the extra long hours and stress of trying to please a co-worker or friend, to me yes it is. Sometimes I secretly hate myself for being a ‘giver’ but I don’t regret the way I am. But I do understand there is a time to speak that awful word, not only for my health but my happiness too. For those others out there like me who can’t seem to turn down even the most random of people I suggest practicing putting yourself first for a day and see how you like it. I am taking a bit of my own advice and putting this last thought into practice for this week. Word of the week: NO.

The life I have been describing I know isn’t too far off from many other college students. A lot of pressure is put upon students to receive fabulous grades on top of being actively involved on campus, interning and work. Oh and you can’t forget the wonderful social life you have to keep up on too. This has always been described as the time to be meeting new people and developing great relationships you will carry with you for the rest of your life. When does the break come in? I have been asking myself that same question this past year, and I really believe it is up to ourselves to find that balance within all the craziness. Pick and choose, say no to a few requests and find time to set aside for YOU.