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New Transition

2 Feb

In my short life I’ve lived through many transitions. I’ve actually welcomed change with open arms.

If you ask me I’ve lived a darn good life so far. Of course I’d also say I didn’t see myself here at this point in life — but doesn’t everyone feel that way at some point?

Well here is to another transition — life after graduation.

I’m currently moving to a larger urban city to hunt down an awesome job in public relations and digital communications. In the process I’ve decided to let go of all the crap I’ve accumulated over the years in my storage unit. From the constant moving I have lost sight of the things I’ve boughten, and in turn, bought more of the same! It’s been a nightmare looking at all the THINGS I have. Everything I pick up I can remember some kind of importance it had on my life at one moment.  But as I browsed I realized no matter how much meaning it may have had during one point in my life it’s time to let it go. Even all those awards and plaques I’ve won (personal plug). I’m in a transition of my life that needs a fresh start, and I don’t need a bunch of things reminding of what was, because I won’t ever forget how amazing life has been.

I’ll be excited once the process of my moving sale is finished and nothing is left to tie me down.

Here’s to new beginnings, feeling free, and getting rid of all this stuff.