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Coffee Shop Chats

21 Feb

As I shook off the water from my coat I sat next to a older gentlemen sitting quietly alone. Opening up my laptop I began my usual search. Macs List, Idealist.org, Craigslist, and Google. I’ve been scouring online for internship and job opportunities since the end of December.

Then I hear him ask if I’m in school.

The gentlemen next to me begins chatting to me in a heavily accented voice. He talked intensely to me about his granddaughters and how difficult young adults, and especially young woman, have it today. “It’s unfortunate kids today go to university, graduate, then end up working behind the counters here,” he said. He goes on telling me how he came from Greece and how I closely resemble the Greek. But, nails it with his second guess when he asks me if I have Italian blood.

He made a quip about staying away from boys, and proceeded to tell me I could do anything I wanted with my life and five steps I should follow. Within those steps he emphasized that I should never hold myself back from success or feel I couldn’t dream big. I giggled a bit to myself when he said something relating to how children would ruin my life, but I know he was trying to mean well with the comment.

After multiple recent discussions concerning what I should do next in my life I felt his words came at a very appropriate time. As he encouragingly chatted to me I’m not sure he really knew what the kindness of his words meant to me.

He left the coffee shop for an appointment to have a growth removed. He affirmed me it wasn’t cancerous. He waved goodbye and wished me the best of luck with my life, and I wished him the same.