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Walk in the woods

30 Jan

The awesome part about being from Oregon is that I can literally step outside and be surrounded by some of the most gorgeous outdoor sceneries. I took these photos on a hike the other day with my dog. The trail is a 5 mile round trip hike uphill in coastal mountain terrain. The rain had washed a few parts of the trail out but the muddy shoes was worth this gorgeous walk through the woods. I had a bit of fun taking my red jacket and playing with the contrast of the green and red. I’ve made a note to myself to take props on a hike one day.

Cape Arago Pack Trail, right outside Coos Bay, Oregon.


Manual Focus on the Beach

25 Jan

For my first photo #oneaday post I’m sharing images I took on the one day the sun shinned in Oregon in the past few weeks. Today the wind and rain are back.

To use the manual focus on my camera (Nikon D100) I strain my eyes (lack of glasses & contacts). But I need to practice using my camera on manual instead of auto — so that’s what I did.

Internet Abstinence | Can I do it?!

11 Mar

Over the last summer I was enrolled in an online communications course, and as I was scrolling through some of my work I noticed a really interesting assignment: Students must sustain from the Internet. Scary I know. After reading through my response I noticed how great this assignment had been. On most days I am constantly in front of a computer using the internet. My computer is usually the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before bed. Naturally my jobs, school and other interests keep me tightly connected to it. I am headed to my home town of Coos Bay to visit family and friends this final weekend of winter term, and I figure why not try and give the internet up one day this weekend. How hard could it be? I guess we will see. I will report back Sunday with a detailed encounter of my internet free day. I plan on following the same guidelines that I used for my school assignment:

Students must abstain from the Internet…ALL Internet interaction for one 24 hour period. You cannot use email, check Blackboard, see the sports scores, research, or do anything else on the Internet. If you fall off the wagon, you have to start all over again. WHAT HAPPENS? You should blog about your period of abstinence. How does it affect your ability to communicate? How does it affect how you spend your time? What do you do to replace your time on the Internet?