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Goals that have come and gone.

21 Dec

As most feel this time of year you think to yourself how the heck did I survive another year, and what the heck did I do? Is it really that time to rejoice another coming of another new year? Yes. Yes it is. With Christmas quickly encroaching on us all and the celebration of a new year soon to follow I of course must be cliche and look back on this year of 2010.

In January I wrote a blog post, “New Year for Dreams & Goals”, that helped me reflect on what I hoped for this past year.  Now it’s time to reflect on those goals and how, or if, I accomplished them.

My first goal for 2010 just happened to be write a blog post once a week. Well sadly this goal was not accomplished but it’s not a bad goal to strive for in the coming new year too.

Next I had imagined a summer full of travel, and that is exactly what I made happen. Being a passionate traveler I have a difficult time when I’m not on the road or soaring over uncharted land in a plane, and this summer put my ansy free spirit to ease for a short moment (already thinking of where I want to jet off to when I graduate). I was fortunate enough to visit my friend in Jacksonville, Florida but never made it up to Washington D.C. or New York. I also followed through on plans to study Spanish abroad, which I intelligently choose Oviedo, Spain. My time in Spain and traveling this summer was bliss. Things did go aloof at times, but isn’t that the joy of adventure. Spain is an amazing country that easily took my heart. I felt alive and at home. The Spanish take pride in their ability to love life, and I enjoyed every moment learning from them and their culture.

I did not make time for that art class I wanted to take, but I have spent many hours learning more and more about another new camera I picked up over the year: my father’s old Nikon D100. For a belated Christmas gift my father handed over his trusty Nikon sometime in April and since I’ve been snapping pictures like a mad women. It’s been a slow process in learning the little tid bits about the camera but I’m enjoying my end results. Photography class in 2011? I think so.

Okay my finances aren’t fully in order.

I’ve definitely been making more time for myself. After I ended an extremely busy school year in 2010 that consisted of four jobs and a full course load I spent time doing things that I loved. For example I traveled, took my dog hiking every moment I could, attempted to take on only a couple jobs at a time, and tried dating more often. Me time is a good thing.

Writing hasn’t been a part of my life as much as I had hoped this past year. Mostly because my confidence in this department has been lacking. I’ll turn this one around soon enough. A writing course is in my foreseeable future.

Graduation is soon, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Now on to 2011. I’ve so many new goals for the coming year swarming around in my head it will be hard to fit them all in one post.


New Year for Dreams & Goals

22 Jan

Walking into a prosperous new year.

With the beginning of a new year most every one sets out to make changes, find new goals, and make their New Year’s resolutions; for me I always have this mind set. I’m constantly seeking new dreams, goals, adventures and challenges. I also dream big, which can lead to a lot of unfinished projects. With that in mind I have a few ideas of what I would like to accomplish this year, but I know more will come along the way.

  • Begin writing a blog post at least once a week. I have been slacking recently, it has been a month since I last wrote on my blog.
  • Plan for a summer of travel. Visit friends along America’s east coast from Jacksonville, Florida to Washington D.C., then fly out of the states for a summer of learning Spanish in either Oviedo, Spain or Rosario, Argentina. Very tough decision on which country to study in, if you have any input or tips about either place let me know. Thanks!
  • Take a photography or art class. I recently purchased a new camera the Diana and have been looking seriously for a awesome digital photography camera as well (any recommendations would be appreciated!). I love taking photographs and the arts, but I wish I made more time for it like I used to. Getting into these classes prove difficult but I am going to make it happen this year.  An artistic inspiration to me is my brother who will soon be a photo journalism major at the University of Oregon. He has never taken a single photography class and has self taught himself everything, which impresses me. You can take a look at some of his older work on his Flickr photostream: AAtronM.
  • Get my finances in order! This is a big one for me because who the heck wants debt, not I. For great tips on the financial world check out brass|MAGAZINE.
  • Learn to make time for myself.  Then I hope to use that time to get outside to go camping, hiking, surfing, kayaking, and snowboarding more. I need to take advantage of living in the awesome Pacific Northwest. I love all of these activities but I need to make the time to do them more frequently!
  • Write more. I don’t feel like I have taken enough writing courses in my college career but 2010 seems like a great year to learn how to become a better writer. It’s time to improve on my writing skills.
  • Graduate from Oregon State University : )

Of course I have other goals swaying around in my head but that is just the short order of things I hope to accomplish. I do believe that some of these are just small steps to accomplishing some of my bigger aspirations and goals. Looking to 2010 with determination and the confidence that good things are bound to come. I would love to hear what other people are hoping to accomplish in the new year! Leave a comment and share.