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All About Creativity | Great projects by some awesome young adults.

22 Nov

In the storytelling world a big must have is creativity. In the past week I have stumbled upon a few great videos that do an excellent job of tying in creativity with their story telling. Both of these examples are of course produced by college age students. It is because of work from people like this that inspire me daily.

I a HUGE fan of NPR and I listen everyday, and when I came across this the other day on the wonderful twitterverse I just had to share it because I loved it.  NPR’s hard working 40 or so fall interns recently put together an i.e. (Intern Edition) show, which is featured on their website. Their website also provides more details about who these fabulous interns are, stories they have done and some blogging.   This production is a must see.  Not a surprise that after viewing this I wanted to run immediately to fill out an application to intern here! Click here for your viewing pleasure.

Next is a group of students from the University of Oregon who have been making national headlines. Supwitchugirl (groups creative name) posted a music video supporting their beloved Duck football team but it quickly turned into a much bigger issue concerning a guest appearance from Puddles, Oregon’s mascot. Puddles is a copyrighted Disney figure, which meant UO was afraid to get a knock on the door from Disney about the unauthorized use of dear Puddles. Moments after posting their video onto YouTube it was taken down and the whirlwind of press coverage this group of students received since has been amazing. ESPN Talk Radio, Sports Illustrated, Dan Patrick, The Oregonian plus many local news sources have covered this story and soon enough the video was back up for viewing.  On top of their now popular “I love my ducks” production there are more available videos at motimer4’s Channel on YouTube.

“I Love My Ducks”

Produced and Directed by Brian McAndrew. Starring Jamie Slade, Michael Bishop, Brian McAndrew, and Puddles the Duck. Special thanks to Bob Martini.