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Living in a Digital Generation

5 Nov

I grew up in a generation where the internet was invented, cell phones are used instead of land lines and people communicate via technology in more ways than we ever would have thought possible, but for the generations who did not learn how to use a computer in junior high or send a text message before they could walk (a hint of sarcasm) all of this tech talk might by a bit too much to handle. This is what is driving a group of students, including myself, to pursue a project on bridging the gap between people and technology and how they use or don’t use today’s newest inventions.  We want to investigate in a range of people more around 60 years old and up.  It’s funny to think that the newest tech device to someone might just be a computer vs. today’s generation of students who may now own a kindle.

Computer confusion?

Computer confusion?

Times are constantly changing and it seems today that technology is moving along quite rapidly. What then happens to all of those people who didn’t grow up with a mouse and keyboard in front of them, to the people who don’t even know what the word skype means? That is what we want to look at and explore. Listen to peoples experience and how they deal today compared to years ago. We want to find out how technology can enhance their life in ways they wouldn’t have thought possible. How may you ask? By providing them the tools and assistance needed to get in touch with a loved one or old friend with the use of technology. By looking at stories of triumph and failure in the digital age we can give those who are afraid a glimpse at the positives it can provide.

Myself, John Carney, Jonnie Motomochi and Mahria Zook are taking on this project for the next month and a half with the end result being a documentary film, blogs of interviews and stories, more knowledge of computers among elders and a program set up to continue sending volunteers to retirement, assisted living and senior centers to teach and educate people about technology.

Someones grandson or granddaughter could be over in the Middle East as a solider thus not allowing them to visit in over a year and we want to show them that they can visit, they can talk and they can see their grandchild with the help of a computer. That is just one example of what many people face today living in a digital age without the proper knowledge of how it works.  There will be a great deal of hard work and energy thrown into this project and we all are excited to jump to it.