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Show Off | Online portfolios

30 Jan

With the way job searching and employee hunting has changed so has portfolios and networking. Today there are a great number of ways you can slip your name to a hopeful employer and far too many ways an employer can catch you on the net without you even realizing it. A topic my professors bring up, especially when Facebook is involved. When someone Googles you make sure they see you in a positive light by building an online portfolio. They are a great efficient and effective self promotional tool, plus it also cuts down a lot of unneeded paper. Applying for a job? Send them directly to your portfolio that not only includes examples of your work but your resume too. I have taken a stab at many online portfolios and have found some pretty easy, helpful and most of all beneficial to getting seen by future employers.

Here is a list of websites you can build a great online portfolio with:

An example of a Wix portfolio

  1. WixCreate your own free flash website. Wix was a start-up that took off and has been giving consumers the ability to build a pretty visually pleasing product. It’s user friendly, offers lots of free templates and designs, and allows you to upgrade for a small price.
  2. Carbonmade A great way to organize your work in an appealing portfolio. You can upload videos, photos, and flash projects. I will admit I had difficulty getting my written work to be viewable, but that was my only pitfall. This is a great site to build a portfolio if you are in the visual arts. There is also a pro plan available for a monthly fee.
  3. VisualCVThis site is designed more for a virtual resume building butyou can also showcase work in multiple portfolios. It’s easy to use and has a database for job openings and networking opportunities. Think of it as a snazzier LinkedIn.
  4. Coroflot There is over 15 different specialty groups from architecture, motion graphics and print to join, and best part is there is no limit on the amount of files uploads, meaning you can share as much work as you want, and it’s free. The site also offers job postings and networking opportunities with other industry peers.
  5. Weebly Basically you can build your own website with Weebly. You can put up numerous blogs, photos, and video. There are 70+ professional designs to use and you really don’t need any technical skills to use it. I used Weebly to put together a school project I did early this year and it came together quite nice. You can take a peek here.

You should also read about the importance of your online identity and how new media can benefit you in your job search from previous blog posts I have written. For information on online resume builders take a look at Mashable’s article 10 Great Social Sites for Resume Building.

  • A great tip when building your portfolios is to use screenshots to showcase online work, e.g. Social Media. For more information read Tiffany Derville’s blog post on How to Make Screenshots for Your Portfolio.

How To Use New Media To Benefit Your Job Search

30 Jan

As a current student I realize sooner than later I will be faced with having to compete with millions of other grads for entry level positions in the working world, and I do understand how important it is to try and stand out, that is why I have been exploring my options with new media and how I can promote myself using it.

  • First off start networking yourself online using social networking sites like TwitterFacebookand LinkedIn. Each one has something different to offer but all share a simple purpose to NETWORK. Using social networking sites allow you to put yourself out there in front of the others, you can gain expert advice in your field of study or help someone else and by doing so gain connections. You get an opportunity to meet a large group of professionals that all share your same career aspirations that are willing to reach out and connect with you…how awesome is that
  • Next put yourself online by investing some time to make an online resume. Great sites to build your resume and profiles include Emurse,VisualCVCarbonmade and GigTide. There are others out there but these are the ones I have found fairly easy to navigate. Carbonmade is more for putting together a portfolio of work and the look of the finished product looks very impressive.

By making an online resume and portfolio you make it that much easier for anyone – including potential employers – to view what you have to offer. None the less it gives you an edge showing your future employer you are fully capable of using new technology methods to market yourself and potentially benefiting their business. By having your resume online it can also make it much easier for you to apply to positions by just sending the link, plus some companies give you the option of sending a website link instead of uploading a resume. You can look at my online resume at emurse to get an idea of what one looks like. I love the fact that my emurse website allows me to post writing samples along with examples of my work.

Think of the possibilities…Having your resume online could help you land a job maybe you weren’t necessarily looking for, maybe a company came across your resume and profile and liked what they saw…poof…new job. Well I like to dream I could be handed a job, who doesn’t?

Blogging about what you are passionate about can also grab a future employer’s attention. Blogging shows people a little bit more about who you are – interests, passions, personality etc. – Depending on what field you go into blogging may be an extremely important factor when coming to landing a position or it may not be relevant, but for someone like myself who is going into communications I feel that more and more employers are looking for people who do have their own blogs and most applications are now asking for your blog site or website address.

I also feel that blogging can allow you to show off your creativeness and depending on how much effort you put into it can set you apart from the rest of the job candidates.

FlickrYouTube and other online sites can also get you actively involved with future employers.

There are many ways to network yourself and using new media is an excellent way to do it. It helps you reach those people you wouldn’t necessarily be able to. In the competitive world of job hunting, especially for entry level individuals, it is extremely important to remember to network network NETWORK!